Billy Khan highlight factors Hindering Sustainability

Billy Khan highlight factors Hindering Sustainability
While talking about collaborative consumption one thing is pivotal to assess the major benefit. As identified by Billy Khan that collaborative consumption can transform the world drastically and guide in achieving global sustainability. However, the significant barriers that are making the achievement difficult are the presence of highly skilled individuals and the lack of opportunities in the job market to assimilate them. The job market is getting stiff as suggested by Billy Khan Crawley and students in the initial years of their career suffer a great deal in getting accommodated.
The educational hubs around the globe transform a student into an overeducated breed with a bundle of knowledge based on theory but no practical experience as examined by Billy Khan. Such trends create alteration in the job market, and when individuals seek job opportunities, they face constraints as they are loaded with theoretical knowledge but lack significantly in practical knowledge and real-world skills.
Billy Khan is of the view that if the workforce and skill individuals are not utilizing properly, then the economy has to suffer and makes it further difficult to achieve sustainability. Therefore, considering this phenomenon is pivotal because through collaborative consumption and shared economy new routes and ideas can be defined that will help in creating opportunities for growth and does not shallow an individual into limitations.
Another major or key factor that is very crucial for collaborative consumption is renting. People love to own things, but a wise man once said, “One day not owning things will be cooler than owning them.”
This seems quite familiar but renting holds vital importance in collaborative consumption as it makes it easier for the people to understand the purpose of collaborative consumption at level zero and identify its ground reality. Renting is a phenomenon that is ongoing for centuries, and people have always been using this factor without recognizing its importance. However, this is a pure and more natural method which is rather essential for collaborative consumption and can help world leaders in sketching the concept of the shared economy into reality.
Many people have always been involved in renting cars and homes and DVDs and books as well explained by Billy Khan Crawley. These are the basis that can be played on a bigger scale and at the global level to bring sustainability. Public spaces, libraries, parks, etc. have always been collaborative consumption cooperative that is utilized quite regularly by humans as indicated by Hamaoun Khan.
Billy Khan is one of the main advocate of renting and the access to various facilities it provides. Renting allows a person to access things that they cannot own which will eliminate the differences that exist between individuals. Currently, some facilities are limited to people that can only own them which creates a lot of f differences among people. However, renting will allow the world to become a better place to live where people love to share and allow each other to access everything and gain the same experience.